Tyche exports are the supplier and exporter of Sun control films. Sun control films are plastic films that can be used to reduce heat transfer from outside. Sun control film is widely used for the following applications.

1. Architectural Films

Sun control films prevent heat, UV rays, UV rays can be harmful for humans and they fade away the colours of the interiors and furnishings Thus, sun control films help to maintain the ambience. They are valuable protection for the home.

  • Energy savings: reduce electricity bills
  • Fade reduction: block harmful UV rays.
  • Sun control: consisting maintain temperature
  • Glare reduction: improve on screen viewing

Products Range

  • High Heat Rejection Films
  • Ceramic Films
  • Reflective Films
  • Non reflective Films

2.Automotive Film

Automotive Film is used for automotive tint glass & automotive paint protection. These films not only prevent sunlight, but also block harmful UV rays. Thus, preventing fade away of colours automotive. They are valuable protection for automotive.

  • Comfort-Block the solar heat for a cooler trip
  • UV Protection-Prevents fading, protect interior.
  • Glare-Prevent glare from the sun and headlights
  • Better look- It looks better with tint
  • Saves Fuel- Less air-conditioner so less fuel usage

Product Range

  • IR Films
  • Non reflective Films
  • Light Reflective Films

3.Decorative Films

Decorative film provides an enhanced look and are primly used in Conference rooms, Lobbies, Reception, Residential buildings, Offices and in Glass Partitions.

Decoration film is easy to install and allow you to ensure improved privacy with necessary light in commercial or residential spaces. In addition, a wide range of customized and personalized Digital printing, design of company logos and captions is also available. Decorative films are durable without any special maintenance. It can be cleaned.

Product Range

  • Designer Films
  • Customised Films