Tyche Exports is a distinguished supplier & exporter of plastic hangers, Plastic clothes hanger, Plastic coat hangers, designer hangers. Hangers are essential clothes or garment hanging accessories, which are used for displaying and storing of clothes for commercial and also for household.

We offer a wide selection of Plastic hangers, garment and clothing accessories for your varied requirements and also provides customized products as per client requirement which are special and unique in the market. Our products are globally acknowledged for quality, durability and reliability.

Our Product Range

  • Plastic Clothes Hangers
  • Plastic Garment Hangers
  • Plastic Intimate Hanger
  • Plastic Shawl Hanger
  • Plastic Kid Frame Hanger
  • Plastic Scarf Hanger
  • Plastic Tie Hanger
  • Plastic Bottom Hangers
  • Plastic Shirt Hangers
  • Plastic Top Hangers
  • Plastic coat hangers
  • Plastic clip and trouser hangers
  • Plastic Multi Pack Hanger
  • Plastic Set Hanger
  • Plastic Belt Hanger
  • Plastic Laundry Hanger
  • Plastic Frame Hanger
  • Plastic Household Hangers
  • Plastic Specialty Hangers